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Modern art

Myth or history? Whatever stands for the references to the Feidias’ Tinian origin or visit to Tinos, it is a fact that in Tinos took place, and continues to take place, a unique phenomenon. Here were born the most important Greek sculptors of modern times (Halepas, Filippotis, Sohos, Fytalis Bros, Lameras), the most important Euro¬pean painter of the 19th century, Nikolaos Gyzis (as well as Lytras, Desypris and Gaitis), important icon-painters, like N. Gaitis, and wood-sculptors (Printezis, Kollaros, Platis).

Witnesses of the long tradition are also the samples of mastery (lintels, iconostasis, fountains, tombs…) of hundreds of unknown marble-sculptors, spread all over the country.

One reason seems to be the abundance and quality of the raw material: Tinian marble can be found in ancient temples, as well as in Buckingham Palace and the Louvre. Other possible reasons maybe the
wind and the waves, which carve strange figures on the rocks, and in this way they train the eye as far as the plasticity of the form is concerned. And to those one can add the Cycladic light, which lightens them.
Nowadays, the continuation of tradi¬tion in marble-sculpture is guaranteed by the Sculpting School in Pyrgos, the craftsmen’s workshops and all the artists who live and work on the island.