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Folk art

More than 600 chapels, orthodox and catholic. More than 700 dove­cotes. Approximately 90 wind and water-mills. Thousands of marble lin­tels, tens of carved fountains and detailed iconostasis. Endless lines of ancient stonewalls separating the lands.

The numbers do not destroy the magic… on the con­trary they magnify. Because, in Tinos, it is not an exagger­ation to say that folk art is glorified.Experience and hard work transform into talent, which gets transfused from generation to gener­ation and engraved on small and big things:

On the human scale of the villages; On the simple, func­tional houses; On the lee courtyards with the stone benches; On the medieval arches; At the curved marble fountains of refresh­ing sources; On the farmers’ frugal cells, the paved-roads and the threshing floors; Even, on the woven baskets, the hand-painted signs, and creative cuisine.

Daily work, need for survival, human scale and love of beauty: to all these we owe the wisdom and the unique human sensor that left its mark on art.