TinosGuide.com I Travel Guide to Tinos island

Welcome to Tinos!

Are you searching for an island that plays at your rhythm?

Because Tinos has a face only for you. Just for a weekend or for every summer. And for every winter. In luxurious hotels near the beach or in traditional houses in the villages. To relax or to excite you. Romantic, with the family, alone or with your friends. For it is not imposed on you – it is just waiting for you.  It is challenging you: to discover it, to find your own favourite beach, to draw your own paths.  Neither does it count on impressions – it blows like the north wind, day by day into you, and it clears your vision, till you see on the stone, a piece of art. Because it is so far or so close and all together the perfect destination of Cyclades. Alternating pictures, games of light and shadow, contrasts that amaze you; the magic of Tinos lays in its secret charm,  the second reading, your interpretation.  The images you discover with all your senses, the more you experience it…

Enjoy your holidays!